Worship Team

ALOM Worship Team 2014 

The Worship Leader 

Pastor Cheryl Dixon grew up in the church within a musical family. Her parents and siblings all play instruments and sing. In 1978, she was selected to be a part of her college’s Revival Time Choir and traveled coast to coast singing and seeing people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

When Abundant Life Church was formed in 1986, the worship team consisted of one guitar and one bass player. Cheryl states that she felt inadequate leading worship because she had a hard time hearing the starting notes on the guitar. One day, a Jewish friend showed up on her door step and said that God told him to anoint her hands to play the piano. Cheryl learned the G and C chords and two weeks later told the team that she would like to join them in a song for offering. “I amazed everyone, including me.” From that day on, Cheryl began to play in church.  She says, “I Still can’t read a note to this day. People ask me how I do it! The only answer I have is – It has to be God.” Cheryl’s vision is to have a worship team that knows her heart; one that will work with her in her calling to minister to women. Cheryl considers herself a blessed woman. “God is faithful to equip those He calls. He has done a marvelous job in bringing me faithful, loving people to work with.”

Come and experience the ushering in of the Holy Spirit, as the team sensitively allows the Holy Spirit to lead.

Come as you are and freely worship our Savior Jesus Christ.