The Musicians

Steve Sickler

Steve has been playing rhythm guitar on the team for several years. He is married to Sharon. Steve is the father of four, the grandfather of nine, and the proud great-grandpa of one.  He is an expediting clerk with We Energies in Land O’Lakes. Steve and his family love music and consider it a privilege to offer up praises to God in the form of worship.

Tom Rainer

For over 20 years, Tom has sang and played rhythm guitar for the ALOM Worship Team. His past experiences include being a part of Calvary Chapel’s music team that included a two-year stint with CC’s Mission on the Beach in Costa Meas, California. Tom is married to Margaret. He is the father of two boys and has five beautiful grandchildren.  Tom states that praise and worship is the most important part of his day. He says that being on the team helps him to get closer to God.

Rob Dixon

A bass guitarist and drummer, Rob began playing on the worship team at the age of 13. Rob traveled throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Lousiana with Christian Team Network (CTN) ministering and teaching  through the media of  music and dance. He was a member of Skybound, a popular local band and later joined a Christian rock band in Nashville called AFB. Rob and AFB were featured on a compilation album called Glory Rock Volumes 1 & 2.AFB’s first album, Evermore, received rave reviews. Rob said that “when you put your eyes on Jesus and take them off yourself, there is nothing He won’t do for you.”  He and his wife, Marissa have been serving as youth leaders for the past 8 years. Rob and Marissa are the parents of three beautiful children.

Wayne Daring

Following in his father’s footsteps, a 60’s drummer, Wayne has been playing drums for 36 years. Wayne spent his first 20 years as a musician in secular bars and his last 16 as a member of the Abundant Life Worship Team.  Wayne considers it a great honor to be able to use the gift God gave him to lead others into His presence. Wayne loves being part of a team that loves Jesus and has a lot of fun together.  When Wayne isn’t beating those drums, you can find him in a carpenter’s shop. Like Jesus, Wayne enjoys working with wood and is employed by Wood Design making custom slab-wood furniture and log fireplace mantels. Wayne is married to Chrissy.